We are a Minnesota Service Cooperative, one of nine in the state

As a nonprofit, public corporation, Resource Training & Solutions provides services to school districts, cities, counties, governmental agencies, and nonprofits, as well as communities across central Minnesota. We train teachers, improve schools, inspire students, build safer communities, develop professionals, and ensure success.

Much of our work is school-centered. We put on many of the academic events you see in the news, including the Spelling Bee, Young Authors Young Artists, Project Earth, and Knowledge Bowl. We help schools develop their curricula through the Title 1 and gifted and talented networks. Essentially, we teach the people who teach Minnesota’s students.

However, that's not our only focus. We’re proud to offer many of the same services to cities, counties, other government agencies, and nonprofits. Programs include health insurance, wellness programs, cooperative purchasing, health and safety, and professional training.